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Jan Hajič invited as panelist at MEC 2022

The project Old Myths, New Facts is becoming visible in digital musicology on an international scale: our Digital Humanities specialist Jan Hajič was invited as a panelist to the Music Encoding Conference, where he reported on the strategies of encoding medieval sources used for the digital edition of the Jistebnice Cantionale.

The programme of the panel was:

  • Jan Hajič (Masaryk Institute and Archive, Czech Academy of Sciences) -- Encoding the Jistebnice Cantionale: It takes a village
  • Stefan Morent, Niels Pfeffer, Fabian Königer (Univ. of Tübingen) -- Web-based MEI neumes workspace
  • Rachel McNellis (Independent Scholar) -- Considering the text and music encoding in Andrew Hughes' LMLO
  • Stefano Milonia (Scuola Superiore Meridionale, Naples) -- Encoding and displaying MEI for medieval monody with MedMel
  • Elaine Stratton Hild (Corpus monodicum) -- Creating Connections: Metadata categories used by the long-term editorial project Corpus monodicum

The resulting impression was that there is quite a lot of activity going on in computational processing of plainchant and some of it is duplicative -- but it is not clear to what extent. It also seems that there is potentially too close of a relationship between databases and interfaces; one outcome was an interest in a static publicly available version of all (publicly available) data indexed via the Cantus Index.